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Smudge Kit

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Smudging Kit

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Incense Burner

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UOON Backflow

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Shoyeido’s Angelic Incense 5-Bundle Gift Set

Shoyeido's Angelic Incense 5-Bundle Gift Set

Shoyeido's Angelic Incense 5-Bundle Gift Set Rating:
Availability: Usually ships in 24 hours
Eligible For Free Shipping

Shoyeido's Angelic Incense 5-Bundle Gift Set - Product Description

All five varieties of Shoyeido's popular Angelic Series - Inspiration, Peace, Hope, Joy, and Love incenses - ensconced in an elegant Japanese paper-covered box. About 150 sticks total, each stick is 5.25 inches long and burns for 20 to 30 minutes. The outside box is about 4 3/4" x 6 3/4".

Shoyeido is a traditional incense company who excels in their art. Owned by the same family for 300 years, Shoyeido brings high standards to their products, along with a deep understanding and respect for incense. Shoyeido never uses a wood core for their incense, meaning that you receive the pure essence of the ingredients, unadulterated by wood smoke.

Shoyeido's Angelic Incense 5-Bundle Gift Set - Details

  • Beautiful Gift Set of the Complete Angelic Line
  • Pure Incense - No Wood Core to Taint the Delicate Blend of Herbs, Woods, and Resins
  • Shoyeido Incense Has Been Produced by Hand for 300 Years
  • Includes 30 Sticks (1 Bundle) Each of Hope, Insipiration, Joy, Love, and Peace
  • From Japan

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