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Smudge Kit

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Smudging Kit

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Incense Burner

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Chakra Palace

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Kasa Style

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Triple Moon Tongs for Charcoal

Triple Moon Tongs for Charcoal

Triple Moon Tongs for Charcoal Rating:
Availability: Usually ships in 1-2 business days

Triple Moon Tongs for Charcoal - Product Description

These metal tongs are intended as an elegant solution for those problems that might arise when you are using your charcoal burner. Use them to adjust your charcoal tablets or burning incense, and ensure that you have a steady heat for the purest of fragrances. Decorated with the Triple Moon symbol for the Triple Goddess, the open end features small "teeth" to grip more readily, and it`s 5 3/4" length makes for easy, natural use.

Triple Moon Tongs for Charcoal - Details

No features available.

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